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Finance Committee

Section 6.2 – B

Finance Committee: DCCCHS’s Finance Committee has a vital role in keeping the Governing Council apprised of the school’s business affairs and financial condition.


  1. Appointments and Composition
    The members of the finance committee shall be the treasurer of the Governing Council who shall serve as chair, the DCCCHS Business Manager, and at least one other member who is a non-DCCCHS employee and disinterested party selected by the treasurer and business manager and approved by the Council.

  2. Responsibilities
  • Prepare and maintain the annual budget for the charter school in collaboration with the Principal.
  • Also in collaboration with the Principal, develop and annually revise a long-term financial forecast.
  • Review all grant proposals and when necessary, make recommendations to the council.
  • Prepare all Budget Adjustment Requests (BAR) and present with recommendations to the Governing Council as necessary.
  • Represent the school throughout all phases of the annual audit.
  • Review business manager’s required reports and make recommendations to the Governing Council regarding the reports as necessary.




Britney Valdez – Board Treasurer

Barbara Reedy – Board Member

Violeta Bustamante – DCCCHS Parent

Chris Masters – Business Manager

Noel Nuñez – Director