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Our Staff

Our Staff

Administration / Staff


Noel Nunez

Interim Director

I was born in El Paso, TX but raised in Sunland Park, NM. I received my BA in Education in 1995 from WNMU with endorsements in Social Studies and Bilingual Education. In 2014 I received my MA in Educational Leadership from NMSU. During my last four years, I worked at an alternative high school where I learned lessons on how to work with at-risk students. I am beyond happy to be part of the Deming Cesar Chavez Charter High School. Si Se Puede!

Claudia Vasquez

Claudia Vasquez


My name is Claudia Vasquez the registrar of Deming Cesar Chavez Charter High School. My daily routine consists of enrolling and meeting with each student to schedule their classes that leads to their graduation. In addition, I help support the students in following the Fish Philosophy by making their day, being there, choosing our attitude and play. I find that guiding my students in choosing positive decisions about their future is rewarding to me as I see them as one of my own. WE ARE FAMILY!!


Viviana Porras

Administrative Assistant

Hello! My name is Viviana Porras. I am the Administrative Assistant to the Director. I joined Deming Cesar Chavez Charter High School in 2012. I have found it exciting to see the inner workings of education. I enjoy the work, the staff, and the students. I am excited to be a part of the DCCCHS Family!


Angie Martinez

Testing Coordinator/Job Coach/Food bank Coordinator

Hi my name is Angie Martinez. I am the testing coordinator, job coach, and food bank coordinator. I am here to help and support students in being successful.


Jacquelynn Carbajal

Social Services Coordinator/Cosmetology Educational Assistant

I love helping our students with their education by assisting in the Cosmetology class. I am also dedicated and committed to making sure we remove any obstacles our students face when they become part of our family at DCCCHS by providing them with resources they may need such as transportation, clothing, food, medical attention, etc. I’m part of helping students achieve their goal in graduating and believe 100% when we say SI SE PUEDE!


Vannessa Lake

Attendance Clerk/Adult Program Coordinator

Hello my name is Vannessa Lake and I am the Attendance Clerk and Adult Program Coordinator for DCCCHS. I have been with Cesar Chavez since 2012. I am very proud to be part of the DCCCHS FAMILY, our students, our staff members, and our leaders are simply awesome. We always go above and beyond for our students because that is what family does. I can truly say I always look forward to coming to work.


Mr. Call


I love working in transportation at DCCCHS. It is my dream job. I love getting to know the students as I drive them to school, work, appointments, and anywhere else they need to go. Our students inspire me, and it is my desire to inspire them, too. It is great to be part of the DCCCHS family.

Chris Masters

Chris Masters

Business Manager

Chris Masters has been with the school in different aspects for the past eleven years. Mr. Masters currently serves as the Business Manager and Chief Procurement Officer. He graduated from New Mexico State University with both an MBA and BBA, with specialties and minors in Technology, Finance, and Economics. He helps students that are interested in sports or looking to begin their career. Mr. Masters has spent his career in supporting programs for New Mexico's children and youth.



Lynda Call

English Teacher

I have the great privilege of teaching English Language Arts at DCCCHS. I love working with both our students and our staff. Our supportive and accepting culture in our school makes it the best place in America to work!! I love helping students get past their past failures in school, and giving them the tools they need to be good readers and writers.

Violeta Bustamante

Violeta Bustamante

Science Teacher

Hello, I am Mrs. Bustamante. I am so happy to be part of Deming Cesar Chavez Charter School since 2016. I have been teaching since 2008. I love working with young people and helping them achieve success throughout their high school years.

Antonio Guillen

Antonio Guillen

History Teacher

Teaching is what I do best! Witnessing students learn, question, and appreciate history is better! I have been teaching for 20 years. Traveling across six continents has allowed me to express and open up the different viewpoints of history! “The Future is Bright, Fruitful, and Positive!”


Fhannie McCartney

Educational Assistant

I am Ms. McCartney, and I am originally from the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. I studied and hold a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. I am grateful to work at DCCCHS, and what I like most about my job is that I get to help students who want to make their lives better. Si Se Puede!


Gloria Hernandez

Cosmetology Teacher

My name is Gloria Hernandez. I am the Vocational Instructor for Cosmetology at DCCCHS. I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for over 30 years, 15 years as an Instructor, with 4 of those here at DCCCHS. Being part of this school along with the students and staff makes my job enjoyable and rewarding.


Melanie Gonzales

Educational Assistant

My name is Melanie Gonzales I’m an Education assistant here at DCCCHS. I currently oversee Edgenuity which is our computer program that allows adult and day students to get credits doing online classes and work at their own pace. I’ve been with the school for 7 years we have the best students and staff I love working with each and every one of them. There is no other place I would rather be than here with my DCCCHS family.


Lizdebeth Alvarado

Educational Assistant/Office Assistant

My name is Lizdebeth Alvarado. I attended and graduated from Vista College with a degree in Business Administration. Currently, I am a student at Western New Mexico University working towards a degree in Education. My dream is to one day become a Math teacher. I found a passion for working with the youth and helping them reach their goals.


Brenda Milo

Educational Assistant

My name is Brenda Milo I am an Educational Assistant for Language Arts and I also oversee Reading Plus. I am available to fill wherever I am needed. I love my job and working with our great students and staff. At Deming Cesar Chavez Charter High School we’re are not just a school We Are Family.